Siem Reap – Morning Life on a Tuk Tuk
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Siem Reap – Morning Life on a Tuk Tuk

Siem Reap – Morning Life on a Tuk Tuk

Here’s a video (5:39 minutes long) of us on our way to Angkor Wat Temple complex (from hotel on Day 1).  It was taken on a Tuk Tuk at 8am (Tues. 24th) in the morning and gives a glimpse into the morning life in Siem Reap.   You will see a variety of activity, such as people walking or traveling on motorcycles (most predominantly used vehicle), tuk tuks, bicycles, cars and trucks, driving around traffic circles.  There are many street food stands (some just setting up for the day) which are generally for everybody (locals and tourists) but predominantly these are for the locals as they do not have the money or resources to buy food in restaurants in “touristy downtown Siem Reap”.  I think this video best shows how the town comes “alive” each morning.

Also toward the end of the video you will see many locals setting up for the beginning of the Cambodian Water Festival (Bon Om Touk).  The festival lasts 3 days and celebrates the end of the rainy season.  This festival also includes locals (and people from other parts of Cambodia) who compete in boat racing.


Video – Siem Reap – Morning Life on a Tuk Tuk


Mythical Dean


  • That video is awesome! So the water festival is like the Macey’s Parade except on the river! I think I noticed people putting those long rowing boats in the water. I guess that’s the boat race you mention.
    We have to schedule a “slideshow evening” when y’all get back to get the full story on each picture/video. Still enjoying the view from Raleigh, NC!


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