Timeline to Thailand

June 19

Decision to Retire Early and Move to Thailand

After much discussion (and running numbers), today was the day that we officially decided to retire early on July 1, 2019 (3 years away).  This also happens to be my (Dean) birthday.
July 1

Summer & Fall of 2016

Started process of getting rid / selling all our things and my toys (home theater components, Blu-Ray collection, foosball table, racing simulator, etc.). This also included numerous trips to Goodwill and the landfill. We worked on this monumental task on and off up to the point of when we sold our house (February 2018).
May 20

Decision To Sell Our Home

Today we decided to put our house on the market early.  At first we thought we would wait until Spring of 2018 but the hot real estate market (during summer 2017) changed our mind.  The decision part to sell was easy – up next was the tough part of getting our home ready to sell!
May 28

Getting Rid of All Our Furniture

Today, on this Memorial Day Weekend, we moved all of our furniture to various family members.  This included a large L shaped sectional reclining sofa (with pull our bed), five piece master bedroom suite, dining room table, chairs and china cabinet and my pride and joy… 92″ Mitsubishi DLP TV!
July 1

Spring & Summer 2017 – Getting House Ready to Sell

Repairs and improvements to house and yard. This included finishing up sodding of backyard, mulching flower beds, updated septic system, power washing house and driveways and painting house. All of this along with going through and getting rid of things ended up taking much longer than we expected but we kept chipping away at it under we got it done.
July 5

We Move into an Apartment

Decision to move out of our house and into an apartment. We had been looking around at different places but settled on a brand-new facility in Garner. We were the first ones to move into our apartment!
October 8

House Officially Put on Market

After taken close to a year to get ready, today we officially put our house on the market to sell.
December 5

Accepted Offer on Our House – While in Thailand!

Accepted offer on house… while in Thailand!  We thought that it was “fitting” that we technically sold our house while visiting Thailand.
February 2

Closing Day – House Officially Sold

We sold our house today!
May 29

Transferred Our Residence to Florida

Today we officially became a resident in the Sunshine State of Florida!  No more state income taxes!
June 28

Our Retirement Day – Last Day at Work!!!

This is the day we’ve been counting down to for the last three years!  Today we close our working career chapter and start our new life living and traveling around Thailand!
September 1

Officially Leave (Fly) for Thailand!

Today we officially move/fly to Thailand!  Even though we retired on July 1st 2019, we had to wait a couple months to verify everything was in order with our retirement (direct deposit, etc.).