One Foot in America - One Foot in Thailand

So, what is it like to uproot yourself from one country to another? We have not made it to Thailand yet, but we are getting close and about to find out!

I guess it could be said that not many people could do what we are doing. It would be out of the question for most to move to another country. Back in June 2016, the decision came easy to us. The timing was right! We both had grew tired of our jobs and was ready for something new. Sure, we had recently purchased our dream home in 2010 which brought us a lot of happiness. Kanchana had her garden and flowers and I had my home theater and weber charcoal grill 😊. We had it all, what else could we ask for?

Well, the monkey wrench came in 2013 when we made our first trip to Thailand together (with follow up trips in 2015 and 2017). This was a game changer for me – I was never the same after this. I fell in love with Thailand and did not want to come back. But as the routine goes, our vacation came to an end and we returned home.

In 2015 we took an extended 7-week vacation, covering Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. It was the most exciting vacation we had ever taken! Like the first trip, we did not want to come back home. And just like 2015, it soon came to an end and we returned home. However, this time was different, we both found ourselves thinking and talking about Thailand all the time. We even had the thought of possibly making Thailand our homebase then travel around southeast Asia and beyond. Yes, we were still committed to working and maintaining new home, but it was getting harder to hang on. We had gotten bit by the travel bug and we couldn’t shake it.

By June of 2016 we could not hold it off any longer – we decided to retire early and move to Thailand in summer of 2019. That would give us three years to get our ducks in a row. Looking back, I’m sure some thought that we had arrived at this decision too quickly (on a whim) or that we had not thought things through. Actually, we had put a lot of thought into it. We ran the numbers, did the math, and determined that we could pull it off - long before we told anybody.

As I said earlier, it was good timing for us to make this commitment. Even though we had only been in our new home 6 years we were ready to give it up. What we experienced traveling in and around Thailand was so much fun that we actually enjoyed this more than trying to maintain the lifestyle that we were accustomed to back in America. That’s why it was so easy for us to give it all up. Sure, there would be sacrifices – we will miss our friends, family and co-workers. But we plan to come back to visit from time to time. We also hope that maybe some will come to visit us one day.

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