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COVID-19 Coronavirus | Thailand | Update 03

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update 03
Bangkok, Thailand
March 09, 2020

Its been over a week since our last post so we wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going here in Bangkok. Because of the coronavirus situation, all of our future travel plans (and normal daily life) have been put on hold for a while. We try to stay indoors most of the time and not venture out unless we have to. Over the last week we have been doing our due diligence by stocking up on basic food items and supplies – enough to last us several weeks if needed. We still eat most of our lunch meals at the little Thai restaurant on the first floor of our condo (we are so lucky to have this). We also take advantage of the Lawson’s convenience store on the same floor (for snacks and other odd and end stuff). So currently, we can pretty much never have to leave our condo building unless we really need to.

There has already been a lot of panic buying (some empty shelves, etc) at some stores in Bangkok. However, we are lucky to be located just outside of the city center where mostly Thai people live (around our condo) and the local stores have not been hit like the ones in the city center. If we do need something, Imperial World Shopping complex is only a 15-20 minute walk away.

When out in public now you are expected to wear a medical mask at all times. You are not allowed to enter most buildings, stores and condos until your temperature is taken (with digital thermometer on your forehead). If you have a fever you probably will be forced to take a 14 day quarantine (either in your home or a medical facility).

Bangkok (along with the rest of Thailand) is pretty much a ghost town now. It was reported today that Thailand tourist arrivals for this past February fell 44.3% compared to the same time last year. Visitors from China, Thailand’s biggest source of tourists, tumbled 85.3%! But the same could be said for all countries around the world right now and I’m afraid its just the beginning (who knows when this pandemic will end!)

Its frightening to see how fast the coronavirus is spreading around the world. The general thinking now is its probably too late to contain it globally. Some even speculate that its just a matter of time before we all catch it. It could be a race between how long it takes to catch the virus versus how long it takes to create a vaccine (which could be a while). The scary part (and our biggest concern) with this current version of coronavirus is that “it appears” to have a high fatality rate (especially within certain age groups and having preexisting health conditions). That is how it appears at the moment but I guess we’ll see how this goes over time.

Mythical Dean

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