Bhutan – 2019 – Day One – Arrival to Paro Airport
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Bhutan 2019 | Day 1 | 07 Nov | Arrival

Bhutan 2019
Day 1 – Arrival to Paro Airport
Thursday, 07 Nov 2019

We had a wonderful flight to Paro, Bhutan. The landing definitely lived up to the hype! As you approach the airport the pilots have to fly in between narrow mountainous terrain. This was no problem – it was going around the last mountain that was the most fun! From what I’ve read online, the pilots use a particular red cliff-side home as a focal point to align their approach. Once they reach this point, the pilots make a sharp left-hand 45-degree angle bank while aligning themselves to the runway (feels like a sharp turn in a rollercoaster). Definitely the most exhilarating landing we’ve ever experienced!

We arrived late in the day (around 3:30pm). After going through customs and getting our bags it was time to take a one-hour drive to Thimphu. Along the way we got to experience the beauty of Bhutan (before it got dark on us).

We checked in to our hotel “Norkhil Boutique Hotel & Spa” (very nice place!). We were greeted by several hotel staff that gave us a cup of Bhutan’s famous buttered tea (made from churning tea, salt and yak butter). It’s an acquired taste but we enjoyed it very much. We checked into our room then then quickly returned downstairs for a wonderful performance by Mr. Jigme Drukpa (Bhutanese Folk performer / Songwriter / Ethnomusicologist). After this we had a very nice dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Photo Highlights from our first day in Bhutan (Thu, 07 Nov):



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