About Us

Over the years we have learned that all the wants, desires and “American” dreams that most people wish for ended up not living up to our grand expectations.  We were very fortunate to be able to achieve the things that we had always wanted and dreamed about.  But yet, once we got there we realized that we wanted more. After all that is the American way right …wanting bigger and better things – a bigger house, a nicer car, etc.?  Nope – not for us!  We found that less equals more.  That’s right, we had to get rid of all our things and possessions to achieve our dream!


Our Future Home Just Got A Bit Bigger

All of this started in June of 2016 – when we made the big decision to retire early and move to Thailand during the summer of 2019.  At that point we had already made several trips to Thailand (along with visits in and around Southeast Asia) and felt that we could live there full time.  Since at that time, 2019 was 3 years away and too early to get into the how’s and why’s of our big plans (with friends and family) we decided it would be best to keep this news to ourselves for a while.  But it would be something that we would quietly prepare for in our free time.

Our 2nd big decision moment came in May 2017 when we decided to take advantage of the hot real estate market and put our house on the market a year early.  This same month we rented a large Penske truck and moved all of our major/large furniture to family members.

Over the summer of 2017 we started doing some repairs and improvements to our house and yard.   This included finishing up sodding of backyard, mulching flower beds, updated septic system, power washing house and driveways and painting house.  All of this along with going through and getting rid of our things ended up taking much longer than we expected but we kept chipping away at it until we got it done.

Sodded Backyard (big thanks to Jason, Oak, Aek and Phrakhru)

Our 3rd big decision came in July 2017 when we decided to move out of our house and into an apartment.   We had been looking around at different places but settled on a brand-new apartment complex in Garner.  We were the first ones to move into our apartment!

We were able to put our house on the market right before our December 2017 trip to Thailand. We actually got an offer while we were in Thailand and eventually closed in February 2018.  It's been a long and hard couple years getting to this point but it's been worth it.  It now feels good having all of that behind us now.

Bittersweet Moment - The Last Day at Our House (February 2018)

Currently we are counting down to our retirement date. Our remaining time will be spent getting "our ducks in a row", finalizing our plans and getting our business affairs in order.

As we go along we plan to post our adventures on through this website (TimeToMosey.com).


Find Out More About Our Early Retirement

"We spent most of 2016 through summer 2017 getting rid of all our possessions. We went ahead moved into a small apartment in July, 2017. This made it easy to spend the summer of 2017 getting our house ready to sell. We were able to get it put on the market right before our December 2017 trip to Thailand. We actually got an offer while we were in Thailand and eventually closed in February 2018."...